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The rapid change in the business environment is forcing career professionals and business owners to take a second look at learning. Those who need practical results are now more frank with their desire for the kind of knowledge that lead them straight to the solutions they need; preferably short-cuts to their career advancement. The school runs a six-week business jump-starting and career-enhancing training program leading to the award of certificates.

Our vision is to activate your ideas, fast!

Our passion is to turn your ideas into products and institutions from which you can draw rewards.

Our objective is for you to get wealthier, healthier and happier!
  • Saturdays 7am-10am, except on THIRD (3rd) Saturdays.
  • Student who arrive 15 minutes after each day's commencement are considered absent.
Students will visit industry leaders who started from scratch and have become icons. The school will use the opportunity to initiate a professional mentoring relationship to fast-forward participants' career experience.
  • Every student must complete the registration form online in order to obtain a Personal Identification Number ('PIN')to be forwarded by SMS.
  • Students are required to attend all lectures. This is part of continuous assessment for the award of certificates.
  • An application for absence from any lecture must have been written 24hours before, in cases of absolute necessity and arrangements would be made to still obtain and be tested on the lecture details.
  • Students are to carry out all assignment and group projects within the period stipulated.
  • Students will write and pass of all tests and assignments